Michigan Public Health Institute

2015 Annual Report

A Celebration of 25 Years of Public Health Service

Renée Branch Canady, PhD, MPA, Chief Executive Officer
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MPHI’s vision is a world where tomorrow is healthier than today.


Our mission is to advance population health through public health innovation and collaboration.

Core Values
  • Servant Leadership
  • Quality & Excellence
  • Authentic Relationships
  • Health Equity & Social Justice


Milestones in Our History

  1. Legislation that lays the groundwork to create MPHI unanimously passes in Michigan’s House and Senate; it is signed into law as Public Act 264 of 1989
  2. Articles of Incorporation are filed; first grant is received from the Kellogg Foundation
  3. MPHI has 3 funders, generates $371,000 in revenue
  4. MPHI moves from Lansing to Okemos, MI; receives initial funding from the Michigan Department of Public Health
  5. Dr. Jeffrey Taylor is first full-time executive director
  6. 17 funders, $5 million in revenue, 49 employees
  7. 52 funders, $20 million in revenue, 170 employees
  8. 43 funders, $29 million in revenue, 238 employees
  9. Washington D.C. office is established
  10. 40 funders, $40 million in revenue, 330 employees
  11. New CEO, Dr. Renée Branch Canady, joins MPHI
  12. 59 funders, $74 million in revenue, 489 employees


Highlights of our Work with You to Promote Health


Facilitating Action

Supporting positive change to promote a healthy population

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Leading With

Leading wWith Data

Using data to advance health outcomes

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Patient Centered Care

Promoting patients’ values and needs to improve care

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Facilitating injury and illness prevention programs

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Systems Transformation

Collaborating to improve health systems

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Voices of

Voices of Communities

Advancing the health and well-being of diverse populations

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Points of Pride

Number of Employees

Chart showing employee totals from 1993 to 2015
- 3 employees; - 49 employees; - 170 employees; - 238 employees; - 330 employees; - 489 employees;

Project Count

Chart showing total projects during a given year from 1993 to 2015
- 4 projects; - 68 projects; - 132 projects; - 190 projects; - 220 projects; - 315 projects;


Chart showing revenue totals during a given year from 1993 to 2015
- $371K; - $5M; - $20M; - $29M; - $40M; - $74M;

Collaborating With Funders

2015 Percentage of Work by Type of Funder

Chart showing 2015 work broken down by Funder type
State of Michigan: 78.8%; Non-profit: 9.7%; Miscellaneous: 5.8%; Federal: 2.2%; University: 1.4%; Local: 1.1%; Foundation: 0.7%; For-Profit: 0.4%;

Historical Average Percentage of Work by Type of Funder

Chart showing average historical funder types and percentage of funding by type
State of Michigan: 72.2%; Non-profit: 9.7%; Miscellaneous: 4.6%; University: 4.4%; Foundation: 3.3%; Federal: 2.9%; Local: 0.9%; Other State: 0.5%;

Number of Funders, 1992-2015

Chart showing average total funders for a given year in a 25 year range (1992-2015)
1992: 3 funders; 1995: 17 funders; 2000: 52 funders; 2005: 43 funders; 2010: 40 funders; 2015: 59 funders;

2015 Board of Directors


Nick Lyon, BA


Director, Michigan Department of Health & Human Services


Dean Smith, PhD


Professor of Health Management & Policy, University of Michigan


Dean Sienko, MD


Associate Dean for Prevention and Public Health, Michigan State University


Renée Branch Canady, PhD, MPA

Ex Officio

Chief Executive Officer, Michigan Public Health Institute


Beverly Allen, CPA


Executive Director, Aetna Better Health of Michigan, Inc.


Tim Becker, CPA


Chief Deputy Director, Michigan Department of Health & Human Services


James Blessman, MD, MPH


Assistant Professor, Department of Family Medicine and Public Health Sciences, Wayne State University


James Giordano, MBA


President and Chief Executive Officer, CareTech Solutions, Inc.


Adnan Hammad, PhD


Chief Executive Officer, National Arab American Medical Association


Holly Jarman, PhD


Assistant Professor, Center for Law, Ethics, and Health, Department of Health Management & Policy, University of Michigan


Jennifer Jordan, JD




Sarah Mayberry, MPH


Senior Special Projects Producer, WDIV-TV


Phyllis Meadows, PhD, MSN, RN


Associate Dean for Practice, Office of Public Health Practice, University of Michigan


Sue Moran, MPH


Deputy Director, Population Health and Community Services, Michigan Department of Health & Human Services


Michael Rip, PhD, MSc, BSc


Assistant Professor and Founding Director, Program in Public Health, Michigan State University


Lisa Stefanovsky, M.Ed


Administrative Health Officer, Ottawa County Department of Public Health